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Who We are


Chase Homes is a family owned and operated design, home building and remodeling business. Chase Homes has quickly become one of the premier building firms in the Atlanta market for custom and remodel projects since its inception in 2005. We have quickly built a reputation for delivering quality work and exceeding customer expectations. We make sure our products are delivered on time and within budget while maintaining integrity and craftsmanship. Our mission is to make sure that our customers build a lasting relationship with our company while collaborating with our staff to build the home of their dreams. 





Jeremy Broughman, the Founder and CEO of Chase Homes, is an expert craftsman, Licensed General Contractor and Electrical Contractor that brings many years of experience to the home building business. His meticulous attention to detail and skilled handling of all trades has allowed all Chase Homes projects to run smoothly and efficiently. His son's Chase and Chance are the inspiration behind Chase homes. He wanted to show them what hard work and integrity can bring you and has strived to leave a long lasting legacy to leave them with. 



Lead Designer 


Tori Buddin, brings many years of industry experience to Chase Homes. She has spent the last eight years working for a major distributor in the Atlanta market making design selections for the top builders in the region. WIth a vast knowledge of trends, products and the ability to stay on budget, she is an integral part of the design, home building and remodeling process. She spends all of her spare time with her three children and her husband Justin. 





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